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Your Immunity, a different perspective

At Hands on Superhealth, we mostly refer to immunity from a physiological point of view. This week, our guest blogger Barbara Callan talks about your immunity from a different perspective – gaining power over your thought processes to get back on track.

Lockdown provided us with time to get to know ourselves intimately.
Rarely have we been blessed with a period of time where we cannot
choose where we go or what we do. Instead we have been forced to keep
ourselves company and not be distracted by what is going on out there in
the physical world.

This allowed our suppressed thoughts and fears to come bubbling to the
surface. It may have taken you by surprise, as it did me, and it takes some
work to get back on track. We have tools that can help us – walking in
nature, meditating, a good conversation
and get back into what we love.
Surprising how the busyness of our lives rarely gave us time to do a
stocktake on where our thoughts and therefore our energy were resting,
but now we can see clearly. Learning to navigate the balance of our
energy is a skill.

But there is something more here… You can grant yourself immunity from
these circling thought processes by rerouting back to those higher
frequency processes of non-judgement, gratitude and love. These three
will boost your physical immunity and as your power returns you can feel
confident that when you step out of your own bubble and into a more
physically connected life, you will not lose this wonderful stable energy.

Having immunity means that you can move confidently through the
doorway and into a new reality with a different appreciation for your own power over your thought processes. So hold tight to your immunity card because it will allow you to move through this change in a healthy, happy and balanced way.

Barbara is an experienced educator, mentor and international intuitive consultant. Find out more about her work on her website. Follow Barbara on Facebook. Or why not join her for a free group meditation every Monday morning 6am, a positive start to your week! (password: Expansion)