3 clinics across Leura, Springwood
and Winston Hills

Why Hands on Superhealth

10 Reasons to choose Hands on Superhealth

  1. Choice: Hands on Superhealth uses gentle postural chiropractic adjustments.  We do not “twist and crack” the spine.  Our methods used are results driven.  
  2. Thorough and comprehensive:  We have made significant investment in equipment and processes that ensure a complete understanding of your concerns. On site X Rays; Thermography; Surface EMG; Digital Range of Motion; Stress status measurement; Comprehensive Systems review; Computer posture analysis; Individual feedback of functional health. All these findings are cross checked to fully understand all the factors that have lead to your present concerns and this provides a map to support and lead you back to your best. 
  3. Prominent locations: Each practice is easy to find, close to public transport and with parking at the door. 
  4. Focused on You:  Hands on Superhealth keeps you and your health goals in focus at all times. We are a practice of the individual.
  5. Logical and methodical: The Hands on Superhealth ‘Health Journey” respects and understands the logic of your body.  The systematic approach will build strength and vitality so that you can enjoy your body working at its best again. 
  6. Wholistic Health Approach: The Integrative health approach offers an expanding range of services and professionals that will integrate the triad of health for each individual. This is a classical approach to health that has been part of healing traditions for centuries.  Leading research is validating this approach.  Our out come measures have shown this to be the case for all who work their way through a Hands on Superhealth Health Journey.  
  7. Families – Birth to Great Grandparents:  Hands on Superhealth has worked for over 30 years on individuals all ages; From  new babies, optimal growth and development for children, optimal health and performance during your working life and ageless retirement.
  8. Payment options: Hicaps point of sale is available at our main practice locations along with payment options that support frequent visits during periods of acute pain or functional enhancement.
  9. Open Saturday:  Both Leura and Winston Hills practices are open Saturday Mornings.
  10. After Hours: After hour calls will be returned by an on duty Chiropractor.