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What’s in a Diet?

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Time for a change in topic! Food is the basis of our cells and the fuel for our lives. No matter what you think about COVID-19, good food choices that make your body hum will keep you feeling good and your body operating at its best. 

Food is the fuel for our lives

Food is so many things to each of us. Essential and full of conflicts and emotions. We even talk of “comfort food” – what can be more emotional than that? For many of us food that is pleasure is also associated with guilt or a feeling of failure. 

Macaroni and cheese, a popular comfort food

What is your experience regarding food?

Members of the HOS team have been on food and pantry changes that have lead to major body transformations. Within the HOS family I know that for many of us it is quite difficult to stick to a program of eating that will take us progressively toward our goals. In every case there has to be a decision and desire that will keep us on course when the going gets tough. 

When I talk about food, my paradigm around food is very functional. Mum presented most foods from a nutrition standpoint. There were few discussions around taste, yet she loved to experiment and cook new dishes. We all agreed that the Chow Mein that was black with soy sauce was not a family favourite! I think it was also the limp cabbage. 

What Mum’s chow mein should have looked like!

Whether we mean to or not we carry that frame into our adult lives. So to me food as medicine was not a big stretch from the way that food was presented at home. I became interested in body-building in my teens and read as much as I could. A great source of information was Ironman written by Perry Reader. Much of what I read in the 70s is the latest new discovery today! 

Body-building has a major focus on nutrition, so I was always interested to try the latest thing that I read about. The cottage cheese and tinned guavas for snacks and eggs, bacon and lambs fry for breakfast was good for so many reasons. The liver in particular is very rich in iron and other nutrients. Sadly for me after a few weeks of this new regime I began to get acute pains in the gut. The pain was random and of a passing out quality. Eventually I reluctantly went to the Dr and found out that my Gall Bladder wasn’t as keen on the regime! 

Body-building has a major focus on nutrition

What I will note is that trying to push the body into a profile of eating that it doesn’t like will usually end in some sort of problem.

Recently I tried 4 months of PALEO pantry. To my surprise my digestion was the best it has been for many years. This was a surprise, because I was expecting my body to have trouble with the richness of the Paleo protein, fats, and vegetable regime. The unexpected result lead me to realise that it is food combinations or mixes that cause the problems. When I removed grains and starchy veggies along with alcohol, it was a winning solution. 

Paleo diet staples

It all ran off the rails in December 2019 when I went to a wedding in NZ. It was all a little difficult to make everyone fit in with me… and then it was Christmas… and then I was in the US for a conference… and then the lock down.

So what did I learn? 

I was particularly interested to see how easy it was to stick with a regime like Paleo over an extended period of time, both practically and emotionally. I guess I answered the practical question! Emotionally it can be difficult as you have to keep asking for different food when you go out or visit friends. I have never been comfortable asking a host to cook for me and I don’t always appreciate the way that diet and pantry choices are somewhat forced on all the other diners. I do recall that I used to always take food with me when I was eating strictly so as not to make staying on course difficult and when out I would order what would fit with the regime and leave what didn’t want to eat. 

Staying on track while eating out can be difficult

There are a huge number of diets and food plans or paradigms. I will make a list below and then write a blog on each of them looking at the principles behind them. I also want identify which eating profile will work best with an individual profile. Which one might be best for you

I may not have included all of the possible diets in the list below, so please send us an email using the button below and ask us to look into the program that you are interested in.  

Diet Programs

  1. Vegetarian 
  2. Vegan
  3. Paleo
  4. Keto (Ketogenic)
  5. Zone
  6. Atkins
  7. Pritikin
  8. Dairy free
  9. Gluten Free
  10. Allergy
    1. Amine
    2. Silicilate 
    3. Peanut

If you have a question, please use the button below to send us an email – we will include your question and answer in a future blog.