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Viruses are Smart & Sneaky

I thought that it might be helpful to understand a little more about how a Virus works.  

A virus cannot survive for long (hours) outside another cell. It has no mechanism to keep it alive. A virus is a string of genetic code in a protein shell. The genetic code is either DNA or RNA. The protein coat or shell will gain access to a cell by looking like another good protein that your cell wants. It has a “Trojan Horse” concept. The virus gets into the cell by looking like a good protein. 

In an ideal world your Immune System will know that the virus is an imposter and will send out an army of soldiers who will look through the body and kill any of these imposters that it finds. The body is much better at this if it has seen this enemy before. This is the immune response that is created by previous exposure. It is the system that a vaccination hopes to trigger.  

Rather than a full strength bug, the vaccination will have a very weak bug or just the protein shell that your immune system will record and then put a specific army in reserve until it sees this enemy again. Wild exposure to the real bug is superior as it creates life-long memory for the immune system. Think army reserve or RFS. They are deployed only when there is a threat.  

So what’s the deal with the current shutdown of the whole world? 

This is a new virus so our bodies don’t have the ready made reservists who can be deployed really quickly. In this case the raw recruits need training first. The enemy could grow faster than the body can train and deploy the counter army. You get sick first. Most will get a little sick or not feel anything. Some will get really sick and some will die. This is always the case. Those with weaker systems are more at risk. 

What might slow down the process of the body responding?  

Any and I mean ANY stress will distract your immune system from the job of finding and killing the invaders. You know how it goes, you’re trying to work and concentrate as you work from home but you can hear the kids are up to something in the next room. Hard to focus on YOUR main job at hand. That’s what the body is coping with when you have other stresses going on. 

Describe ANY stress. 

There is tiredness and and mental stress, which is what we commonly think of as “feeling stressed”. The other 2 most common stresses are 1st, structural stress as in a pain in your body and 2nd, inflammation. Often these two go out together. The inflammation in your body makes your overloaded joints more painful.  

So my concern from the last few months is the effect on the lungs of the months of smoke and dust. This caused much lung stress. I have written previously about this. Many of us had a cough during the height of the smoke. This indicates that the lungs were under stress and the foreign matter in the smoke and dust will have caused its own immune and inflammatory reaction. 

Enter an opportunistic virus that is respiratory focussed and we have a problem. I believe that we should all be looking after our lungs so that they can resist a pathogen (virus or bacteria). We have all experienced the bad cough that seems to last all winter and then makes us more likely to have another cough whenever we get a cold in the future.  

We highly recommend that you maintain an adjustment schedule during the next months to ensure that you have minimal pain, and lowered stress. This will give your body more energy to keep your immune system ready for any bug encounter.  

The medical research confirms that inflammation is a precursor to disease process. There are a number of supplements that we recommend that will reduce inflammation.  

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So to recap – reduce stress to boost immune response. 

Walk, Meditate, Eat fresh, Optimise joints for low stress and inflammation.

My next blog will look at various ways to manage the emotions we are all encountering.