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What is it?
How does it happen?
What is the first step to eliminating toxicity?

Hi there, Dr. Brian here talking to you today about toxicity. In this article I’ll tell you in detail how toxicity affects your health. Toxicity is something you hear about a lot and has been discussed for a long time. In the eighties and nineties the idea of toxicity being a cause of ill health began to get more widespread publicity. Dr. Sandra Cabot became quite famous for the liver cleansing diet, a combination of diet and supplements that were focused on improving the efficiency of the liver. 

Human Liver Anatomy

The liver is instrumental in breaking down toxic elements in the blood so they can leave the body. Things we consume and used hormones get into the blood. All the blood goes through the liver which makes it a very busy organ. 

One of the things it does is it break down waste products into smaller fractions, so they can go out through other detox systems. There’s phase one and phase two detoxification or breakdown systems and the liver. 

The liver has over 500 functions. Some are turning lactic acid back into energy. It stores blood sugar for later use and packages toxic by-products into bile that will enter the digestive tract and then be removed from the body in the stool. It helps to make cholesterol and digestive salts. It’s also involved in the production of collagen, which is the substrate for bones and all the tissue in your body. Click this link for detailed information.

Where does toxic matter come from?

It comes into the body through the skin, through the air we breathe, what we eat and particularly what we inject (the injection bypasses all the inbuilt filter systems). So there are numerous routes and obviously some are more prevalent just because we’re eating and breathing all day and injecting rarely. 

An environmental toxin that’s commonly talked about is aluminium. Aluminium is used in cookware because it’s light and has great thermal properties, it distributes heat evenly. 

Aluminium is used in lightweight saucepans

Aluminium is known to be a neurotoxin. It is included in the adjuvants in vaccinations to boost the immune response to a weakened infective agent.  Higher levels of aluminium were implicated in the development of Alzheimers. Recent studies have confirmed that there are higher levels of aluminium in the brain tissue of those with a diagnosis of Alzheimers. There will be references at the end of this report for you to check original sources. The toxic nature of aluminium is of interest for women with breast cancer. Higher amounts, double, in women with breast cancer have been measured through breast duct cyst excretions. It’s thought that the breast tissue aluminium build-up potentially comes from using underarm deodorant because aluminium is one of the ingredient that stops the sweat glands from sweating. You stay dry, but I’m not sure that the trade-off is fair. The use of a cologne or essential oil will provide freshness. As with many other causes of ill health the outcome or effect has a significant time delay from input to result (think the donut verses the apple).


Another way that we can get a route for toxicity is agricultural chemicals.  Glyphosate is very widely used in some parts of the world including Australia. It is banned in other parts of the world. Its mode of action is to interrupt the Shikimate pathway. That’s a common cellular pathway in plants. And when you interrupt that the plants die. The Shikamate pathway is not used in human cells. That was the basis of the argument by Monsanto to support the statement that “Roundup” was safe for humans to use. It is however, a vital pathway for the gut flora. Glyphosate causes disruption of the gut flora. This will have many health impacts. We are learning the significant role of the microbiome. When we kill off the microbiome the changes are many from poor digestion and gas to depression.  

Glyphosate’s effect on crop health

Glyphosate is banned in parts of Europe in food production and I believe that is one of the reasons that when clients travel to France they can eat bread very happily, but are very sensitive to bread back home in Australia. 

150 Journal articles referencing Glyphosate:

When we upset the balance of the gut flora you don’t process food properly.  In addition a change in the microflora will inhibit the production of some neurotransmitters. Over 80% of the body’s serotonin is produced by the gut flora. Poor and incomplete digestion will lead to fermentation of poorly digested food. This can lead to mould developing. The terrain theory of Bechamp notes that bacteria can shape shift to moulds to make the most of the environment that they find themselves in. The net effect of all this is that you ferment food and this leads to toxic build up in your gut and bowel. The body cannot produce the same energy from the food. You get fermentation and toxicity, which means you get more gas, particularly bowel gas. So all this buildup of undigested food, poorly broken down food, poorly eliminated particles, creates toxicity. The body will pack that in fat tissue to get rid of it until it’s ready to deal with it. And that means that weight loss is difficult when you’ve got high toxicity.

How do we address toxicity? The second half of the article will help us understand that.

So the liver is super important for breaking things down to small fractions so they can leave the body  through the kidneys and bowel.

This means that it is very important that the kidneys are efficient. We’re drinking plenty of water, two to three litres of water a day. There is a relationship between body size and water intake. The smaller you are, the less you need. The small physique may need only 2 litres, and large physique will require closer to 3 litres. In hot temperatures, when the body is cooling itself with sweating, then more water is needed. I know of men doing physical work outside in the sun in the summer drinking between 7 and 8 litres of water a day. In winter more attention is needed to ensure an adequate water intake. When we are not sweating, we’re not feeling as thirsty and we’re not as active, water intake should be monitored. So the water is super important.  

Drinking 2-3 litres of water per day helps with the detoxification process

My understanding of the reading I’ve done is that toxicity creates an environment for cellular dysfunction and that is the beginning of disease processes. So having a perfect cellular environment with the cell workforce in place is really important. The cellular workforce maintain cellular function including cellular detoxification. Simple things that assist with detoxification become super important. A key thing is drinking plenty of water to reduce systemic toxicity.  


If we increase our water intake, we can unwittingly increase our toxic intake. Fluoride is in the water in Australia. Fluoride is a combination of fluorine and sodium or silica, or sodium and silica. The benefits in reducing tooth decay varied between 26% and 32%. There is discussion around the benefits and health risks from fluoridating drinking water. From a policy perspective the governments are reluctant to stop fluoridation because the major health advice bodies such as WHO and CDC both recommend it. There are papers written that discuss the toxic effects of water fluoridation. Fluorine is highly reactive and toxic. When it is bound to sodium or silica that is reduced, however research suggests that it may cause calcification of arteries, the pineal gland and connective tissue. Calcification of the pineal gland will likely increase insomnia and make the body unresponsive to sleep inducing supplements. The pineal gland must be able to take up sulphate and then melatonin triggers its release for deep sleep. A calcified pineal gland will not have the same functionality. 

Follow this link for references:

How does the body get toxicity out of a cell?  

Normally what happens is the body will bundle up what it doesn’t want in the cell, put it in a little vesicle or ball made of protein. The cell workforce will spit it out of the cell where it would be picked up by the lymphatic and the blood system for clearing from the body. A clever and intricate system. Toxicity creates an environment for cellular dysfunction and ill health. We live and die at a cellular level. And if we have healthy cells, we must have a healthy body. Communication between the cells creates healthy organs and communications between the organs to the brain creates healthy, organ systems and a healthy body.  There are various ways to assess the efficiency of the detox pathways. Blood tests and hair analysis will both indicate the health of the organs and body. The blood is the transfer/transport highway and the hair is a window into the tissue or end point of the highway transport. 

Toxicity and Weight Loss

Reducing toxicity in the body may aid weight loss

If your detox pathways are inefficient then the body has to decide what to do with the toxic waste that it cannot remove via kidneys and bowel. Rather than have that toxicity sitting in active tissue, creating problems, it will decide to park it in fat tissue. This is quite well known and certain products will emphasize detox as a means of starting fat loss. Because the body won’t want to release all that toxicity from fat tissue when you burn body fat. The headache associated with a detox is an indication that the body is clearing toxicity and it is in the lymphatic system and blood. That is why we are advised to ramp up our water consumption if we want to do a detox.

When asking clients about water consumption there is often a discussion about drinks. Water is water. Its detox effect is a result of the fact that it doesn’t have anything in it. Tea, coffee and other drinks are not water. Water doesn’t have anything in it, it’s just water straight up! Two to three litres of water a day seems to be the range that is regarded as good level for cellular health. There are some infusions that will assist the body with a detox. That will be in addition to the 2-3 litres of water. The liver is important. The kidneys are super important to actually carry toxicity and waste out through the urine. And obviously what is not going out through that will actually become part of the stool through the bowel.

The bowel is I think the most important element of detox. The liquids from digestion are passed through the bowel wall into the blood and lymphatic system. That leaves a perfect stool if everything is working ideally. So you can see how, if we don’t have a good elimination process, it’s just going round and round and creating brain fog, tissue pain, ligamentous laxity, and joint pain. The circulating toxic waste, which is often acidic, will be the start of things like arthritis and potentially rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmune illnesses have many drivers. Working backwards from therapies that work, such as whole foods and ketogenic diets including fasting, we can infer that foods that create toxic waste and inflammation provide an environment for cellular dysfunction.

Toxicity is a big topic, and detox is super important. Now it’s going to lead into the next topic, which is overstimulation, and then we’re going to go to stability. So we’ve got a few topics here that are going to link into how we get your body and nervous system to operate as best. 

There is no doubt that reducing toxicity improves efficiency and you’ll feel better when your body is clean as a whistle on the inside. So a simple place to start is: drink more water. That’s available to all of us, the cleanliness of the water is super important. So a quality filter is really important. The halogen elements on the right-hand side of the periodic table want to find an electron. Most are highly reactive. And so one of the reasons chlorine is in water is because it’s highly reactive and it’s a good anti-microbial. Fluoride in the water is apparently good for your teeth, but it’s reactive after you’ve swallowed it. There’s a growing body of thought that suggests removing the fluoride and the chlorine from the water you drink is better for your health. These theories and practices are based on the results that clinicians see when patient’s bodies get better when these substances are removed. Chlorine will have killed the germs by the time it comes out of your tap. Using a filter then is going to improve the water.

Look forward to seeing you soon.