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The Unseen World


There is a Seen and Unseen World all around us

Neo and the Red Pill - Where is the illusion?

There is a seen and unseen world all around us. Our senses decode various wave or frequency forms. Our eyes decode light waves - in the visible spectrum and our ears decode sound waves in the range we can hear. Sugar the dog hears a different frequency wave form to me. She also doesn’t hear some of my sound waves! Especially if the smell frequencies are more interesting than me. 

The Matrix - the illusion or not

Classical Physics and Quantum Physics

This area of science falls into two basic areas. Classical physics and Quantum physics.  According to Dr Bruce Lipton, Quantum physics is THE most researched and validated area of science in the world today. I didn’t know that! Why don’t we all know that?  

Weird science of cause and effect

That is the Red Pill! How is that, you might ask?  

If we accept that the world around us is vibrational and everything is connected via the connection of all frequencies and vibrations, then we completely change our paradigm of how everything works. 

I have looked at a number of resources this week that I will summarise for you as a fascinating introduction to how our world works and how it may impact your health.  

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

In Classical Physics the electromagnetic spectrum moves from very long wave forms of radio and TV to super short wave forms of radioactive elements in the gamma wave length range. When we look at graphic from long wave form to short, we see that the visible wave forms are a very small segment of the total range

Science Electromagnetic Spectrum diagram 

We hear the longest wave forms in radio and see the effects of the microwave TV remote and wifi. The visible light waves give us vision, the ultra violet gives us sunburn and X-rays see through us and gamma waves have very high energy and are accepted to cause cancer if there is sufficient exposure. There is solid research showing that slower wave lengths can also cause disruptive effects in the body.

How did the Knowledge Base Build to Today's Understanding?

Professor Winfred Otto Schumann at the University of Munich stumbled across this discovery in teaching a class about electricity. His work in the early 50s didn’t get much press, but he calculated that the earth had a resonate frequency of about 10Hz. That meant that the earth is itself bathed in a frequency generated by tension between the globe itself and the ionosphere. This concept that one sphere within another will create a current is the basis of electricity generation.  

Munich University

Hanz Berger had built an EEG machine and measured the waves of the brain. The waves were named Alpha waves. Dr Ankermeuller, a colleague of Dr Berger, found the work of Professor Schumann and realised that the brain and world frequencies were the same. Our brains emit the same wave length as the globe!

Further research discovered that Schumann resonance of the earth is 7.83Hz. The tension between the ionosphere and the earth is discharged by lightning - an electrical storm. We know that Alpha brain waves are in sync with the Schumann earth wave length.  

Balancing the electric charge between the globe and the ioniosphere

What do Schumann Waves do to Us? 

Rutger Wever conducted experiments to see if there was an effect of being removed or shielded from the Earth's Schumann wave from. In an underground bunker shielded from Schumann wave forms the study volunteers became sick - depressed, headaches and their circadian rhythms were disrupted. When a wave form generator was used to introduce the 7.8Hz frequency to the bunker the subjects symptoms improved. Their depression eased the nausea subsided and they began to sleep better.

A bunker shields from Schumann wave form

DNA Communicates on a 7.83 Hz Frequency

Scientist Luc Montagnier discovered that DNA strands communicated to each other in water by emitting low frequency electro magnetic waves. The truly fascinating finding was that when the water was purified and then nucleotides were added, if a frequency of 7.83Hz was also introduced to the water, new DNA would form the same as that dissolved in the water previously. Without the 7.83Hz frequency nothing would happen

DNA strands replicate themselves in a 7.83Hz

Does Disrupting Schumann Frequency Affect Health?

What does this mean?

That the Earth's frequency may well be essential for life! When we remove or interfere with the frequency then ill health begins to manifest.  

There is epidemiological data that shows correlation between areas high electormagnetic pollution and clusters of disease that is worthy of further investigation. It is not all that difficult to do. Collecting data from multiple sites of high electromagnetic pollution and comparing with otherwise like areas and then using a multivariate analysis will confirm whether there is an increased risk factor. One of the current difficulties of the current era is finding a comparative area of low or no electromagnetic radiation.

Magnetic Sensitive Bacteria

Magnetotetic Bacteria which formed millions of years ago use the Earth's magnetic fields to orient themselves. It is believed that the various animals have incorporated the ability to navigate along the earths magnetic poles. Birds, bees and some fish are all known to possess this capacity. Human experiments have shown an orientation ability that was disrupted with the use of a magnet fixed to one side of the head.

Using the magnetic field of the globe

Chryptochromes  were discovered in the 1990s. They are a molecule made by living organisms to control their circadian rhythms. This discovery of the Chryptochrome protein suggests that all life has a magnetic sense. It is generated by chrygenes.  

Chryptochromes were first discovered in plants. They are used by the plant to detect blue light. They are linked to light/dark recognition in both plants and animals. This light/dark sensitivity is essential for our circadian rhythms.  

In 2000 Thorsten Ritz, a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, found that in birds the Chryptochrome molecules are located behind they eye. It is thought that this gives the birds the ability to SEE the magnetic field, rather like a Heads-up Display. Very low frequency electromagnetic waves were sufficient to disrupt the navigation of migrating robins.  

This indicated that birds rely on the clarity of magnetic signals to plot their course and destination for migration. This experiment has been replicated with other species, from cockroaches to bees. All were disturbed by man-made radio frequencies much lower than the safe levels deemed by regulatory bodies. A cordless phone base left in a bee hive lead to all the bees leaving the hive.

Worldwide in the last 25 years a significant number of migratory species have gone into decline, some dramatically.  

Migrating birds use magnetic fields for navigation

Electromagnetic Levels - Measured Increase?

There is a consensus that in the last 50 years, since 1970, the level of electromagnetic waves has increased many millions of times. That is a significant measure! 

The scientists in the arena of electromagnetic research note that this huge level of increase in man made electromagnetic energy is in competition with the Earth’s natural Schumann waves. Dr Wolfgang Ludwig, a physicist, finds that Schumann resonance can only be measured at sea as there is too much electromagnetic pollution from cell phones and other sources in cities.  

Foley et al have put human Chryptochromes into fruit flies and noted that the fruit flies become magnetically sensitive. This would confirm that humans are sensitive to magnetic fields. This may have assisted survival if we needed that sense and sensitivity to find out way back to home camp.  

If we are as sensitive to the changes in electromagnetic fields as bees, butterflies and birds then this may help explain the rise in certain illness and disease states. 

The WHO, a body under close scrutiny currently, has made a statement that 2-3% of the population can be classed as electromagnetically sensitive. This means that they suffer from significant health conditions. It does not discuss what such electromagnetic exposure might do to the general population.  

Electromagnetic fields in the home, sources, effects on health and protection

Experts in the area of health suggest that all cells are effected by electromagnetic radiation.  We know that all cells are electro chemical in their nature. Above we discussed that low frequency waves caused DNA to be formed from neuceotides.  

Over 5 million mobile phone masts have been erected around the world. This creates a significant electromagnetic field. The current standards are based on the heating and acute effects of the electromagnetic effect of the microwave frequency of cell phones, wifi, cordless phones etc. There is no investigation of the long term effects on individual health.  

Despite this if you look at the pamphlet that comes with your new cell phone (mobile phone) there are guidelines and admissions that cellphones can cause cancer. Basically don’t wear your phone and hold it a few inches away from your head. Not entirely practical.  

In 2011 the WHO re classified mobile phone radio frequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans. This is based on  an increase in the risk of Glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer which is associated with wireless phone use. 

A Link to Sleep

Are you sleeping well? It is established that melatonin is a hormone made in the brain in the Pineal Gland. In a previous blog we discussed the role of sulphate and melatonin in sleep and brain health.  Sulphate Blog

There is a huge body of research into melatonin. It is recognised as a powerful antioxidant.  It is produced in the pineal gland which is light sensitive. Your light/dark signalling via the pineal gland primes your body for sleep. During sleep the metabolites from the day’s brain activity are cleaned up by the sulphate and melatonin. You might remember that the sulphate gets to the pineal gland via vitamin D and cholesterol.  

Melatonin is recognised as a very powerful anti-cancer agent, via its work as a powerful antioxidant. It is an oncostatic agent - it is protective against the development of cancer.  Twelve thousand papers studying the properties of melatonin show that it has many beneficial actions in the body.  

There are interesting associations. A woman with breast cancer has 1/10 the level of melatonin of the average woman of her age. Men with prostate cancer the levels are 1/2 what would be considered ideal. Autistic children have less than 1/2 the levels of melatonin levels that they should enjoy.  

Night shift workers have a 50% increased risk of breast cancer via the drop in production of nocturnal melatonin. The workers are awake in light when they should be in dark, so the body is not triggered to produce melatonin via the light/dark sensing of the pineal gland.  They work in artificial light at night and then have daylight when they should be asleep.  

The international agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classed night shift work as a class 2a probable carcinogen because of the lowered levels of melatonin.  

Dark is essential for melatonin production

Research Findings - Light and Brain Function

At The Battle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio scientists Barry Wilson and Dick Stevens did work in the late 70s looking at the effect of light on brain function. The observation that the brain won’t make melatonin in the presence of light led to the hypothesis that the brain doesn’t distinguish between electromagnetic fields and light. You will remember that they are all electromagnetic wave forms, it is just that the light is visible to us.  

Studies in 2000 showed that there was a direct suppressive effect of weak magnetic fields on melatonin synthesis in the pineal gland of hamsters. The results have been reproduced in birds and cattle. A 2002 paper by Dr Neil Cherry confirmed that EMF/EMR reduces melatonin production in both animals and people.  

What to Do on a Daily Basis?

So what do we take away for our daily life? 

  1. We should be out in the sun without sun glasses for less than 30 minutes a day to ensure that sunlight waves signal to the pineal gland that we are up and day has started.  
  2. A dark room for sleep  
  3. Reduce electromagnetic fields - turn off the internet at night
  4. Don’t sleep on an electric blanket (turn it off at the wall after heating up your bed!)
  5. Don’t wear your mobile phone
  6. Consider ear phones that don’t send the signal to your ear via a wire. (
  7. Assess your stress/Adrenal status 
  8. Various medical drugs will lower melatonin e.g. Benzodiazepines (anti anxiety drugs), paracetamol, some beta blockers as well as high doses of Vitamin B12, coffee and other stimulants
  9. Some medical drugs and supplements will elevate melatonin e.g. MAO inhibitors; Fluvoxamine and Despramine, St Johns Wort and Cannabis
  10. Late strenuous exercise will lower melatonin levels e.g. only do low intensity exercise  after dinner
  11. 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended
  12. Stress/Hormone status enquiry or examination - lab testing/blood work etc., Hands On Superhealth Progress Exam 


We live in a sea of electromagnetic radiation. We can’t turn back the clock. A healthy body and cells will do better under non-ideal environments.  

Food, mood and movement are all vital in keeping health optimal.  

In the next blog we will look in more detail at the vibrational aspect of the world we live in.