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Sulphate – the Deficiency your Dr doesn’t know about!

Sun plus Skin = Sulphate

Sulphate is made in the skin and blood by the body from sulphide using the energy from the sun.  Skin based Nitric Oxide ( Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, eNOS, performs the magic! 

Your skin is a solar powered battery!

Sun and heart health

Sunlight decreases heart disease??

An interesting finding from 1996, is that increasing sunlight reduced death from heart disease!  The death rate fell from 420 when the sunlight hours per year were in the 1200 range to 260 when the sunlight rose to 1700 hours per annum.  A 2 fold reduction of mortality among those who spent a maximum time in the sun.  

Sunlight protects your heart via sulphate production in the skin and blood.   Sunscreens may well interfere with this process, more on this in a later blog.  It’s a topic in itself. 

What else does Sulphate do? 

It is essential for good sleep….  

Hospital discharge records of sleep disorders show a steep increase in numbers  with sleep disorders in direct step with the increase in the use of glyphosate.  The P value is 0.0000077 - its not a chance event.  With these chances you are the only person who bought a lottery ticket!  You MUST win!  

How so???  Healthy circadian rhythms depend on Sulphate.  The pineal gland delivers sulphate to the cerebrospinal fluid via melatonin.  Aluminium  and mercury disrupt the pineal gland.  Sunlight deficiency further depletes the situation, and Glyphosate works to boost the bad effects of Aluminium.  

It is proposed that sulphate helps the brain to clear cellular debris during sleep.  The melatonin delivers the sulphate to the CFS which can then circulate it to all the brain tissue.  The Neurons use the sulphate to put out the rubbish at night. 

Sleep disorders make you sick

Sleep disorders are associated with a number of brain diseases.  








OK so now we are beginning to understand the vital role of sulphate in the tissues and organs of the body.  How is it transported?  How does the body get to site?  

It is transported on the back of both Vitamin D and Cholesterol.  The sulphation makes cholesterol water soluble so much easier to transport in the blood.  

So does Cholesterol sulphate have any role itself?  Hell Yes!  

It supplies all these things:  Oxygen;  Sulphur;  Cholesterol;  Energy; Negative Charge to all tissues.  

The sulphate helps protect the skin from UV damage and keeps Microbes out.   A pathology basic, the first line of infection defence by the body is intact skin.  

Sulphate is vastly under appreciated 

It is the 4th most abundant anion ( a negatively charged molecule ) in the blood and protects it from Coagulating ( clots ) 

It detoxifies drugs, Food additives and toxic metals 

It is and essential component on the space outside each cell and is in all tissues and veins and arteries.  

Cerebroside sulphate is a major constituent of myelin sheaths and the surrounding axons  in neurons.  These are nerve junctions - essential for nerve message transmission.  

Many biomolecules are sulphated they are called Sulphated Glycosaminoglycans ( GACs) 

They are plentiful in the space outside all cells. 

The amount of sulphate depends on its availability. 

The density of sulphated biomolecules is crucial for maintaining a negative charge and protecting from infection.  

Sulphate responds to your bodies needs 

Sulphate levels will increase in response to a number of factors:

  • Infections
  • Injections of toxins
  • Proteins
  • Hypoxemia ( low oxygen levels )
  • Muscular over exertion
  • Weather influence
  • Increase in Blood pressure 

Sulphate and brain diseases

Many Neurologic diseases of the brain have a common origin

Insufficient supply of sulphate to the brain

This leads to toxic metal exposure e.g. Aluminium and mercury, due to an impaired ability to detoxify and eliminate them. 

The toxic metals interfere with sulphate synthesis.  This leads to an accumulation of cellular debris and damage to mitochondria within cells.  

The rubbish gang is lead by Heparan sulphate within the lysosomes, which is critical for recycling cellular debris.  A 2013 paper noted that sleep clears the waste from the brain cells in healthy adults. The sulphate in heparan sulphate protects the brain tissue from free radicals. 

Heparan sulphate deficiency leads to autism.  

The Pineal gland delivers sulphate to the fluid around the brain ( CSF Cerebro-Spinal Fluid )

Aluminium and mercury disrupt the pineal gland.  Sunlight deficiency is a contributing factor.  Glyphosate works synergistically with aluminium. This means that together they are more damaging together than the added effects of each on their own. 

The Pineal gland builds up heparan sulphate by day.  It is activated by sunlight. A night melatonin is sulphated in transport at night.  The sulphate makes Melatonin water soluble so that it can be transported in the CSF.  You may recall that sulphate makes cholesterol water soluble so that it can be transported in the blood.  

Sleep zzzzzzzz

When melatonin is delivered sulphate is delivered to the brain tissues. Melatonin is a sulphate delivery system!   So you can see that without sulphate the brain cannot take out the rubbish at night and clear itself. 

Melatonin induces REM sleep.  Alzheimer’s is associated with reduced REM sleep cycle AND with calcification of the pineal gland. 

So now you probably get the idea that sulphate is important for many areas of health.  How do we ensure that we have enough sulphur in our diet?