3 clinics across Leura, Faulconbridge
and Winston Hills

Dr Brian Callan BChiro Sc MChiro DRM

I have always been fascinated by how the body works. The body has an amazing ability to change and heal itself.  We grew up in a home where health was always understood to be a product of things done to build vitality and wellbeing.  The food in particular was always presented in a context of what was good for us, rather than what was tasty.  From an early age we all understood that food was an important part of building and maintaining health in a body.

As I progressed through life, I was interested in food and movement to create change in a body.  I read constantly in the areas of bodybuilding and wellbeing.  Much of the routine of exercise and diet followed 40 years ago, is now hitting the mainstream as the next new thing.  A variety of career changes lead me to work in massage and soft tissue rehab work and then into chiropractic.

I was fortunate to meet and work with the practice group founder Dr Sue Ellen McKelvey who encouraged me to follow a career in chiropractic.  I have taken over the practice group as owner to expand the vision of a centre of excellence focused on the individual.  We are a knowledge based practice working as a collegiate group to support each individual in their journey to achieve their own best health.  Physiology is at the basics of how we understand and work with a body.  The body has a basic logic as to how it works to survive in any environment internal or external.

The Hands on Superhealth approach, provides a template for both the health professionals and the individual client to work in a methodical manner to build health and adaptability in a body.