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Barbara Callan

Intuitive Consultant

Inspiration    Clarity    Direction

Barbara is an experienced educator, mentor and intuitive consultant. Her many years of experience come together in a unique way that allows her intuition to shine through. During a consultation she is able to connect with the client’s energy field and is able to feel what they are feeling and what is going on for them in their life. This means that the client can be anywhere in the world as the energy field is not bound by time and space. Clients from countries including New Zealand, Italy, France, Canada, U.K, Spain, Fiji, U.S, Chile, Australia, consult with Barbara by skype, phone or in person.

Barbara’s other services include:

Business mentoring often people in business need guidance about their client, a prospective business partner, a venture or the general way forward. Many clients have found it useful to have information before going into a meeting as it can make a difference to the outcome. Being able to have intuitive guidance is an advantage that helps steer a course with a steady hand.

Coaching services – whether it is a parent with a difficult child, a teenager who needs direction or a young adult who needs reassuring, an intuitive coaching session will bring out those matters that need to be cleared and leave the person feeling more at peace with the next step even if the whole path is not yet lit up.

Enhancing Intuition – learning to develop and manage your intuitive abilities can be an empowering experience. Learn to tune into and manage your own energy, to practice psychometry, to tune into objects, and people.  Use your intuitive abilities in your business and also in your personal life. If this feels like you, make an enquiry and find out when and where the next workshop starts.