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Match the Current Energy

The Energy is Intense and Swift

Guest Blog by Barbara Callan

The energy at the moment is both intense and swift-moving. We need to be stable in the middle of so much change. Rather than getting stuck in fear and worry, and being reactive to situations, find a way to let go and be present so that you can be in the flow of energy. 

The energy is powerful

Make your assessments and adjustments

The positive way to move through this month is to be focused on what is true for you, acknowledge what is out of balance, face change with acceptance, adjust what needs to be adjusted in your own life, and be inspired by the adventure of what we cannot see just yet. 

Riding through this bumpy energy can be difficult so here are some thoughts and ideas that may help:

  • Live on your terms and take care of yourself
  • Accept change (because we are all in change right now) and adjust what needs to be adjusted
  • Your daily prayer and rituals are important as they help to hold you steady
  • Decide what is yours and what is not
  • Spend time in authentic supportive relationships as they feed us
  • Look after your body – get an adjustment, a massage, a walk, a workout, a glass of water
  • Detox relationships and situations that are not who you really are
  • Reset your personal goals as they will have changed in this volatile time

Stay true to yourself. Trust yourself and your voice.

You will be best at being yourself!

The main message is that this is a tricky time for all of us but we can ride through it if each of us holds to our own lane, keeps and stays focussed on our authentic selves, then we are of most benefit to ourselves and to others. 

Don't go alone - Success is a team event 

If you’d like to join my free online meditation community please register below. We meditate live every Monday morning at 5am and again at 6am AEST (no cameras!). In this meditation we energise our personal intentions and then use our combined energy to heal the planet. I’d love to have you join us. 

Together we are so powerful

Much love,

Barbara Callan