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Making Your Day Sacred

with guest blogger Barbara Callan

In this most extraordinary time that we are living in we have a choice to be fearful of what might happen or we can hold the vision for the best possible outcome. There is no doubt that we are being tested right now. We are actually testing ourselves to see how strong we are. But there are supports that we can use to help us pass this test with flying colours!

Every moment of every day we are in a conversation with the field of energy around us, constantly telling that field (which then creates our physical experience) exactly what we want. So if you are stressed about the current situation that you are in, the field is listening and will just give you more stress. This will keep happening until you make the connection that you are the common factor here. Your dominant thoughts are being mirrored back to you. What can help us here?

Filling you day with the sacred will help to keep your thoughts and vibration above that of fear. Currently this may be a challenge but there are some things that may help.

  • Start your day with a meditation, a prayer, an intention.
  • Decide that your day is going to be sacred
  • Choose an intention for each new activity that you embark on during your day. You may decide that the intention for you first activity of the day is going to be ‘Focus’.
  • Other intentions may be Synchronicity, Alignment, Joy, Completion
  • Bless your food before you eat so that you change the frequency of it and it then provides your body with the exact nourishment that you need at that time.
  • Drink plenty of water. Dedicate each glass to the wellbeing of your body.
  • Know that curating your own energy gives you the power to be healthy and to help others do the same.
  • Move your body to move your mood.

Use this time to hone your skills. Keep choosing in every moment to be aligned with the highest possible outcome. If you do this, things that you do no want will wash off you like a wave and you will just keep moving forward.

Barbara Callan

Barbara is an experienced educator, mentor and international intuitive consultant. Find out more about her work on her website. Follow Barbara on Facebook. Or why not join her for a free group meditation every Monday morning 6am, a positive start to your week(password: Expansion)