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Have you put Your Energy Price Up?

by guest blogger, Barbara Callan

In this current experience when we have been spending time in our own company, we have all had an energetic reset. We have been in our cars much less and spending time in our own homes and in nature. This has caused us to slow down, to begin to listen on a deeper level without the noise of the continual rushing that we were so addicted to, caught in the cult of busyness.

The cult of busyness

Without the busyness, our fears and insecurities arise. These may have always sat there, buried by our daily lives. Now we have had enough time for the ‘great pause’ to work its magic. We have looked at those fears and insecurities and decided what is real and what is no longer relevant in this current version of ourselves.

We want something different.

Many of us do not want to go back to the way things were before. We want something different. We want balance. This change in our energy where we feel more connected, more like ourselves, means that we have put our energetic price up – we know that we are worth more and we are prepared to have more of the things and people who ‘feel like us’. Your new price does not include compromise, doing things to make someone else happy while we feel squeezed. The consequence of this is that some people will no longer feel like they are a fit. The stretch to get to their comfort zone will be too great and we are not going to compromise ourselves.

The story is finished…

So be prepared for people to ‘self select’ out of your life. They can feel that your energetic price has gone up and they can’t afford you. It’s too uncomfortable for them to stretch to where you are. So just agree with yourself that that story is finished and let them go. Feel how the energy expands and know that you will draw new people into your life. New adventures await.

Barbara Callan

Barbara is an experienced educator, mentor and international intuitive consultant. Find out more about her work on her website. Follow Barbara on Facebook. Or why not join her for a free group meditation every Monday morning 6am, a positive start to your week! (password: Expansion)