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Happy & Joyful

We live in times of fear and stress. Can we find Joy and Happiness?

Hello, Dr. Brian here.

I've got some tips and insights for you today about how are we going to cope better with the current situation we find ourselves in the world and also locally in New South Wales.

The basic idea is that we want to find a way to feel happy and joyful. That may seem really difficult. However, it is possible. I am going to give you some insights that I've picked up over the last few months as I've been doing some additional study. And for me, it's actually put a few pieces of the puzzle together. And really, I want to leave you with excitement and optimism about what's in the future.

The 8th of August is known as Lions Gate. A powerful day as the the Sun and Sirius are in astronomical alignment. In addition, the 8th the sees the arrival of the new moon. The Sun and Sirius alignment is an annual event, but the co-incident moon is a much less common event. The new moon is seen as boosting the significance of the Lions Gate period. 

These planetary events that have a long history of being very potent for good. This particular alignment can help us to feel better. In our urban lives we are separated from nature and natural cycles, so it is easy to discount them. If you ask a fisherman, they will tell you that fishing is definitely better at various times of the moon's monthly cycle.

The reason that I bring this up, is that there is much around us in nature that will give us great delight and peace. Finding these things and using them to help us an easy way to feel better. There is much evidence that our human bodies thrive in the outdoors and nature. We can all benefit our selves by sitting in the sun and spending time with our feet on the ground - no shoes.

You can feel the energy flowing up from the ground into your feet and body. 

I have recently completed a 5 week study program with with David Wilcock. You'll find him on YouTube and Gaia and other places. He has a particular interest in the Giza pyramid. I found his work very interesting because he has blend of knowledge around ancient scriptures, astronomy, and current science. That's the leading edge of the quantum area of science. The science into the quantum field and how the universe works goes back many decades.  Much of the work started in the 50's. From the 90's to the present the experiments have revealed the most extraordinary order and patterns in the universe.   If you follow his work and then do further reading you'd be totally blown away and really quite excited about what the possibilities are for us in the near future.

There were many experiments described. They were related to gravity, time, and light. Of the many experiments and observations there were several that show that our reality is not as fixed as we might think. Gravity and time are related. Experiments into antigravity had an unexpected effect. It was observed that time stopped if gravity could be stopped. So Dr Who and the Tardis may not be as much a fiction as we think!

Light photons have been shown to have a powerful impact on biology. Experiments in Russia showed that DNA absorbs light photons. The light photons disappear into the DNA. The thought was, or the implication is, that the light actually activates the DNA and instructs it. So the information is held in the light. 

There's vast amounts of research showing that we live in a vibrational universe. The vibrational fields are what creates our physical world that we experience. It actually dominates everything. So the idea that you can see me is your eyes interpreting a light wave. We know about light waves, know about the spectrum - the visible and invisible frequencies. Your eyes and brain decode lightweights into a vision. You can hear me hopefully, and that is your ear decoding sound waves that actually hit your ear and excite the mechanism in the ear. The vibrating ear drum sends a nerve impulse into your brain. Your brain turns that nerve impulse via electro chemical processing into something that you translate into the spoken word or a sound or music or whatever.

There are various other experiments that show the power of thought and emotion. Dr Masaru Emoto water experiments. They showed that merely putting a label with a word such as love or hate on a tumbler of water and then freezing it changed the structure of the water molecules. 

Our human body can sense only a narrow range of both light and sound waves. We can't hear a dog whistle and we see only a small portion of light waves, so it is not too far fetched to consider that there are energy waves coming into earth that are beneficial.
The light photons come into Earth's atmosphere and they nourish everything. The tie up to scripture is there in Genesis "first there was light." What's interesting, when you begin to look at this leading edge of science, and then you look back into ancient texts, you suddenly see that those statements that seemed allegorical are factual. What we then may lean into, take into our heart and believe is that there is a universal, infinite intelligence that is holding all of this in perfect operation. 

In the last 20 years, Chaos Theory told us that there were no observable patterns in the universe, that everything is random and not connected. Now it seems that there is little evidence to support that theory and much more to support the idea that all processes on Earth take place at a constant rate. Experiments done over 10 years show this.
They have looked at the space between elements of atoms, molecules and planets in space. Everything is the same multiple of distance apart. 

They've done experiments looking at radioactive decay and biological processes and various reactions. They all run for 240 seconds and then stop. And then they stop again at 480 seconds. This is quite remarkable.

The concept of Lion's Gate and this idea of new energy coming towards Earth is not so hard to conceive when we look at all the recent science that supports a vibrational universe. The photon belt that the galaxy is moving through is a cyclic event every 25,000 years and it will uplift us.
This is an opportunity for us to feel better. Feeling better as actually really coming from the heart and connecting up to whatever you choose to call infinite intelligence, God, whatever. And all of this is here to help us.

Quantum science is the most researched and validated area of science according to Dr Bruce Lipton. The physical world is built on the vibrational world. We live in an ocean of motion of vibration. Vibrations have different frequencies from low to high. Just as musical notes go from low vibrations to high vibrations. You can see this looking at a string on an instrument. 

The vibrations of love and joy and happiness are higher than sickness. Sickness is a low vibration, So if you want your body to be healthy, we raise our vibration through keeping thoughts of  joy and love at the forefront of how we are thinking and acting.
This world view is certainly fundamental to all the scriptures, that we live in joy and appreciation. And we actually honour the divine in ourselves and in others.  

Now, this might not be the normal thing that you'd expect to hear from me when I talk about health. However, I feel that all aspects of our existence must be addressed if we are to experience good health. We need to have our physical, biochemical, emotional and spiritual lives in order if we are to live our best possible life.

The spiritual aspect of our lives has fallen from view over the last 50 years. I believe that it is time to reclaim it so that we can lean into the power that creates worlds and know that it is at our back. If we ignore this absolutely vital element, we won't actually come out of this as well as we'd like to think. Many great thinkers say that there is only love and fear. Everything around us is focused on fear. We can all stand together in love we will be powerful. We are many and we can create the world of our dreams by working on holding there energy of love for each other and ourselves.

The key message is that feeling alone and in fear will show up in poor health. We have the support of each other and infinite intelligence. We should each find our connection to our creator and to those around us. Together we are powerful. Let the Divine be at our back to support us. I do believe that we don't live in fear, that we live in happiness and rebirth in health.