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Exercise for an immunity boost.


Number 2 in the Top 5 Must Dos to avoid colds and flu

Exercise is a powerful tool to help you stay healthy this winter.  Our bodies are made to move. You’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking.  There is a growing body of research that shows that sitting more than 6 hours each day significantly increases your health risk for 3 main “co-morbidities”.  Who wants that – it sounds like you’ll get sick.

The three are diabetes; heart disease and some cancers.  Mental health also seems to take a hit.

When we analyse our day we will find that for many of us the sitting gets way over the 6 hours when we add sitting for breakfast?, commuting, working, commuting, evening at home eating and relaxing.

So what to do?  Incidental exercise is the movement you get when you are doing other things that involve movement. Walk to the bus/train, or walking from your parking spot.  Walking around at work, and taking the stairs where possible.  Look for them in the parking station, or coming out of the train station.  Be one of those annoying people walking on the escalator!


Actual exercise is an obvious goal.  The latest studies and research shows that there is a huge value in quite short but hard workouts. But short I mean under 15 minutes and hard, I mean you really push yourself to your current limit.  You should be out of breath.

The HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ) method is highly researched and has significant benefits especially when combined with dietary changes.  Significant improvements in blood sugar management, heart lung capacity and muscle tone and bone health.  Are you just a little interested?

So what sort of activity could you do for this HIIT training?  Actually there is a nearly unlimited range of things you could do.  Most of the research has been on stationary bikes, as they require no training and are effective as they work the biggest muscles in the body – the legs.  The Rowing machine also lends itself to this as does a skipping rope. You could sprint for 10 seconds ( running or swimming ).

The basic formula is hard for 10 seconds and then coast for 20 seconds and then repeat. Do this 5 times.  I’ve done it periodically on a stationary bike at the gym, and I can attest that it is startlingly exhausting!

Why might it boost immunity, I hear you question.  The benefits are several.

  1. Stress reduction via activity
  2. Circulation boost
  3. Movement of the organs to process and eliminate better
  4. Feeling good via positive hormones

So there you have some inspiration that will give you reasoning as to why exercise will support good health and boost vitality.

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