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Dying to exercise? Heart health and exercise

A treadmill stress test

A treadmill stress test was used 

Could exercise save your life?

Dr Wael Jaber at the Cleveland Clinic has conducted a significant study with 122,007 patients over 23yrs.  1991 to 2014.

The analysis of the outcomes and health of the participants over the full period showed an 500% reduction in risk between the least and most fit individuals.

The clinic measured Cardiorespiratory fitness, as quantified by peak estimated metabolic equivalents on treadmill testing.

It was possible to further analyse all the data collected from all subjects during the 23 year period and compare the risk factor of various groups.

Evaluating the risk factors

The risk of sitting / sedentary compared to the highest performing in the fitness tests the risk was 3 half higher than smoking!  Who would have thought that sitting was much worse than smoking?

Within the exercising group the difference between those below average compared to above average is a 141% increase in risk for the low exercise group. 

All that data collected has given us reliable insights to the benefits of exercise and compare the outcomes of various lifestyle choices. 

There is no level of exercise fitness that has a risk factor.  The Ultra-fit have lower mortality.

Run for your life

You're never too old 

The benefits of exercise has no age limit - it works for everyone.   Older participants got a greater benefit than young individuals.  In fact being very fit as we age, over 70 yrs of age, is very protective. 70% lower risk of heart incident. 

Men and women both benefit from exercise - women slightly more! 

The risk of not exercising trumps the risk of Smoking, Diabetes or end stage Disease.  That is very powerful.

People who do not do well on a treadmill test have almost double the risk of people with kidney failure on dialysis.  

Run with a friend

So you have got the message, exercise can save your life. 

The properly exciting thing for us is that we can change or reduce our risk factor by starting to exercise.  

What is the relationship between chiropractic and this study?  Chiropractic will keep your joints in efficient position, so that you can push your body without injury.  

The Hands on Superhealth team can create a program for you that will enable you to reach your goals, both physically and emotionally.  

Whole body power exercise can generate great fitness

We know what to do, however, we often find that we are not achieving our goals. We can almost observe ourselves finding reasons NOT to do the things that we have planned to do.  

Move from trying to doing!

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