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Making Your Day Sacred

Health News

with guest blogger Barbara CallanIn this most extraordinary time that we are living in we have a choice to be fearful of what might happen or we can hold the vision for the best possible outcome. There is no doubt that we are being tested right now. We are actually testing ourselves to see how […]

Are you Receiving Me?…over

Health News

by guest-blogger Barbara CallanMost of us are so good at giving. We are taught from an early age that we should think of others first and share what we have. You can’t leave food on your plate as there are starving children in Africa! As parents we are hardwired to care for our children, and when […]

7 Compelling Reasons to Supplement with Vitamin D, especially during Winter

Health News

Vitamin D is widely recognised as a key pro-hormone for optimal function of many body systems. The Vitamin D sensitive conditions are:1. Cardio Vascular Disease2. Respiratory Infection3. Respiratory Disease4. Cancer5. TB6. Diabetes Mellitus The supplementation:7. Low cost and very low adverse reactionThe Dosage: Research suggests that doubling the recommended Vitamin D levels from 55nmol/l (the level of Vitamin […]

Neck Posture and Device Use

Health News

A research-based discussion on the effects of looking at hand-held devices It’s the school holidays and many of you in NSW will be confined to barracks (lock down, a maximum-security prison term referring to all inmates being locked in their cells for an extended period of time – usually to restore order after some sort […]

Menopause: Your Brain Actually Changes!

Health News

The second in our series about Menopause by our guest blogger, Jan Roberts If you’d lived 200 years ago, you may never have reached menopause at all. But today if you get to fifty years of age in good health and have had no major illnesses or operations, you might confidently expect another fifty years. […]

What is Scoliosis?

By Dr Paul Park Scoliosis is one of the major spinal disorders which affects normal spinal alignment, and it is the most common spinal disorder in children and adolescents. It is defined by having a lateral curvature of the spine more than 10 degrees, and in some cases, combined with rotation of the vertebrae. Scoliosis is […]

What is Stability?

Health News

What does it mean and why is it important? Stability. What does that really mean? The human body is the most extraordinary thing. We’re upright, not after a big night sometimes, but upright. And if we compared ourselves with a flag pole or a tall building, we would have an anchor into the ground and […]

Have you put Your Energy Price Up?

Health News

by guest blogger, Barbara Callan In this current experience when we have been spending time in our own company, we have all had an energetic reset. We have been in our cars much less and spending time in our own homes and in nature. This has caused us to slow down, to begin to listen […]


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Why it’s a brain issue! Dr Brian and Sugar here! Today we are talking about overstimulation and what that means for you. We will cover three topics: what overstimulation means, where it comes from and how you would benefit from less of it? I have been wondering about how much stimulation is too much and where […]

What do you really know about Menopause?

Health News

What do you know? What can you expect? What can you do? by our guest-blogger, Jan Roberts What do you know? Once euphemistically referred to as ‘the change’ most women today can use the word ‘menopause’ without embarrassment (even if publishers steer shy of the topic). But using the word isn’t enough – there is […]