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Are you Receiving Me?…over

by guest-blogger Barbara Callan

Most of us are so good at giving. We are taught from an early age that we should think of others first and share what we have.

You can’t leave food on your plate as there are starving children in Africa! As parents we are hardwired to care for our children, and when they are little, to share those sleepless nights. We move in groups of like-minded souls who do what we do, so we are comfortable with these friends and this way of being seems normal. But it’s a little out of balance.

We need to be able to receive as then we have a beautiful circle of giving and receiving. This circle makes us feel balanced and connected as when we receive, we are allowing the other person the opportunity to do their giving. Opening yourself to receiving opens up a world of opportunity as we begin to draw more like-minded souls who can become co-creators in our lives and business ventures.

Receiving allows us to be vulnerable as we are not in control of what someone else may want to give or do for us. But the big gift in this is that we are exposed to what we may not choose for ourselves, so it’s kind of like an adventure where you may end up going to new places and doing new things that are someone else’s choice. This is expansive energy which can only be enriching. There are so many ways of doing any one thing and they are all equally valid and by exposing ourselves to what someone else wants to give us, we are giving ourselves a gift.

Being able to receive is a gift for the giver and so the circle goes round. When you can receive from your family and friends with ease and grace, then you are in a much better place to receive from the Universe, from your business, from colleagues and from random strangers and even the tax department! Like anything we do, practice is essential. Notice when you turn down the offer of help, when someone offers to help you carry something heavy, and you say “No I’m fine” thereby denying them the chance to give to you, or to simply connect with another human being. When you begin to notice your pattern then you are on the way to changing it.

As the Universe begins to get the message that you are ready to receive you will begin noticing opportunities to practice and it is most important to pay attention to each one. It can be the random stranger who offers you their parking ticket with an hour left on it, or the very item you came out to buy is half price. All these small opportunities allow us to see how the Universe is listening to our thoughts and delivering up the very thing that we are wanting to get better at – closing the circle of giving and receiving.

Barbara Callan

Barbara is an experienced educator, mentor and international intuitive consultant. Find out more about her work on her website. Follow Barbara on Facebook. Or why not join her for a free group meditation every Monday morning 6am, a positive start to your week(password: Expansion)