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A Corona Virus Cure??

Is there a COVID 19 Cure?  

Currently there is no cure, but there is a treatment that is being used in China and around the world. It is so mundane that most medical experts will dismiss it. There is however, over 70 years of data to prove that the hero is Vitamin C.  

A Common Virus

This 2006 study showed that Vitamin C was protective of lung tissue when exposed to the Flu Virus:

It was a mouse study, however don't let that put you off. The vast majority of medicines are tested on mice first, before they are trialled on humans. 

Another study found that in the lab Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) inhibited the growth (proliferation) of the influenza virus family. A clinical trial gave very positive results in terms of dose and effect.

A dose of 3000mgs a day in 18-30yr old students stopped them developing flu symptoms. 

A much lower dose of 300mg a day in a hospital setting, 226 patients with influenza were divided into 2 groups: 114 received 300mg a day and 112 did not receive any Vitamin C.  The group who received Vitamin C - only 2 progressed to Pneumonia and their stay was on average 9 days, while the control untreated group saw 10 progress to pneumonia and they stayed in hospital for longer period of 12 days. 

Current Chinese Hospital Protocol 

Currently in China severe cases of pneumonia have been administered 24,000mg of Vitamin C intravenously. This protocol has reduced symptoms and changed the course of the disease.  

At Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China, 24,000 mg of Vitamin C will be administered to Corona Virus patients, intravenously, each day for 7 days.

Vitamin C containing foods

How Much Proof do You Need?

This is a nearly tragic case that had a happy ending despite the medical team opposing a therapy that worked.  

This article recounts a case of a man dying of viral pneumonia after contracting swine flu.   High dose Vitamin C changed the course of the pneumonia and he lived despite the opinion of the medical team who wanted to turn off the life support. In fact all the experts were adamant that the Vitamin C was of no effect even after he recovered.

What Do You Do? 

Ultra Buffered C

So what do YOU do to protect yourself from a viral infection. There is a range of dosing levels in the research. What we can see is that a low dose - a food based level - will not be as protective as a high dose.

I had a quick look through the research and a number of the studies done in the last 20 years had dose levels that were between 50mg and 120mg a day. This is helpful but insufficient to provide a therapeutic dose that would support the body via immune boost and slow the virus spread in the body.  

It is agreed that an oral dose of 3000mg a day (2 1/2 teaspoons of Ultra Buffered C) spread in equal doses will support your body if you contact the virus.  

If you become sick then a dose of 4-5 gms (2 tsp of Ultra Buffered C) every 3-4 hours until the symptoms abate will significantly reduce the severity and length of the infection.  

You will still need to isolate yourself and you should visit your GP to be checked that the infection does not progress to pneumonia. If you are pr​escribed antibiotics then you should take them in addition to the Vitamin C regime. 

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Greater Sydney Residents are at Increased Risk 

We have secured a bulk order - You will need a supply to use during the coming weeks and likely months as we move into winter. 

Of particular significance to residents of the Greater Sydney region is the combination of the 3 months of smoke and dust that will have compromised the lungs and therefore make this approach even more important.  

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