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2 Weeks to Christmas & 3 Weeks to a New Year Resolution

Over the next few weeks we will focus on the 4 key aspects of life as we finish 2020 and get ready for 2021.

There are 4 key areas of our lives that we want to have in healthy balance. When they are at their best, we can cope with many more things and will find joy and delight in everyday life. 

Posture and Joints

Our physical bodies are our vehicle for enjoying our life on earth. They are also our instrument for pain and suffering. 

If we focus on the body as a moving structure breaking most of the rules of engineering, we will find that we have a huge capacity to improve our daily experience in our bodies. Because the body is fundamentally an amazing engineering achievement it is very sensitive to imbalance in gravity. Every joint has a perfect “sweet spot” that makes movement easy and smooth. The muscular effort to move is minimised when we stand comfortably and strongly in gravity. 

The ideal posture has a number of balance points that should line up when standing. From the side, the ear should be over the shoulder, the shoulder over the hip, and the hip over the knee and ankle. From the front or back the head should be level, the shoulders level with the floor as would be the hips. 

Once we establish those basic elements each joint also has to be exactly in the right place to ensure that the muscles pull evenly on the moving bone. Joint pain and muscle pain are a sign that the joints are no longer in their ideal position. You may also notice that your strength is not as good. The clever body will down regulate your strength at a joint/muscle complex to reduce your chances of injury. 

We also find in practice via before and after adjustment checks that strength commonly increases markedly after a joint or spinal region is optimised for ideal position for that individual. 

What does this mean for you leading into Christmas and the holidays…?

We at HOS have found in clinic this year that many clients are showing more pain and joint discomfort after working from home. Through questioning we see that 2 principle factors seem to be driving this change in strength and comfort. Increased sitting in household furniture rather than office furniture. This includes both desk height and chair design. 

Secondly we have found that working from home significantly reduces daily movement. No more running to the bus or train, and then going out to lunch. Also most offices are bigger than our homes, so there are more steps walking about an office than going from the home office to the kitchen. 

What is the solution?  

  • Walk every day 20 minutes 2 x – replicate the commute 
  • Do some strength movements. They could be Tai chi, Yoga, Weights or Sprint laps in the pool. Make the muscles work hard to move you through space. 
  • Get a regular adjustment to keep your joints in their sweet spot to reduce injury. You can also just be happy to feel great!

What is the HOS take away message?

We are in charge of our health. Health is the result of what we do on a daily basis, not just what the government tells us to do. 

Set up a routine that will make it easy for you to achieve your goals and progress.

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