Istvan Szekely

My name is Istvan (Steve) Szekely, Version 2.0. The original I’ve discarded…

I used to be one of those men who burnt the candle at both ends. I was always okay, never sick, never needed a doctor. Any nagging issues would fix themselves overnight or at least soon enough… until one day I could not shake a persistent back pain with my usual methods. I persevered with it until I could just about no longer move.

Chiropractic treatments did wonders, but without constant regular sessions the pain would return.

Then, as a divine stroke of luck, I was introduced to yoga. Initially, I was sceptical thanks to those twin pillars of shortsightedness, ignorance and misinformation. Despite this, I gave it a try – and never looked back.

Slowly I became an enthusiast. Yoga was the perfect form of exercise for me: it didn’t require great effort, I could keep it up at home and even from the first couple of weeks, I noticed great improvement.

Fast forward eight years, and I am fitter than even 20 years ago and best of all, no more pain! As a bonus, I have better digestion, improved weight loss and a more positive outlook on life in general.

Presently, I am trying to embrace higher yoga teachings – so much so, that towards the end of last year I spent eight weeks in an Indian ashram to further my practice, and gain the knowledge and confidence to teach.

My fervent hope is to help people achieve great life improvement, both in their body and their soul.

Hope to see you soon.

Istvan, Version 2.0

“For if I can do it, everybody can.”