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What is the Triad of Health?

By Paul Park

If you have visited one of our clinics before, you’ve probably seen one of our clinic logos that contains a triangle with words written on each side. This logo represents the “Triad of Health” which was created by a chiropractor name George J. Goodheart and a founder of Applied Kinesiology. It is one of our basic principles that we in Hands On Superhealth use to define the health of our individual patients. 

The Triad of Health defines that health is composed of three major components in life that need to be in balance. An imbalance to one or more of these areas results in health challenges. This blog will explore these areas in more detail and see their interactions.


On the base of the triangle lies the physical/structural component. It represents the physical and structural health of an individual. Structural imbalance can create health problems in many ways especially when our nervous system is in a stress. These imbalances can come in a form of skull imbalance, spinal subluxations, muscle imbalance, poor posture, and many more. Physical injuries or trauma in life also affect our structure if they are left unaddressed over time. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help to restore structural imbalance by improving nervous system and posture. And by giving correct exercise recommendations, it helps to build structural stability.


On the left side of the triangle lies the biochemical/nutrition component. It basically represents the health of an “inner-body” and what happens within an individual. It is largely influenced by what we eat for nutrition, what we put in our body rather than its medication or substances, and the environment around us. Imbalance in biochemical health gives rise to systemic symptoms like allergies, inflammation, high blood pressure, etc. Also, improper or unbalanced nutrition supply puts stress and strain on organs, tissues, and glands. Following a proper nutrition recommendation and avoiding specific environmental elements will help improve biochemical balance.

Emotional/Mental Health

On the right side of the triangle lies the emotional/mental component. It represents the thinking or psychological health of an individual. Achieving good mental health is very important because ultimately conscious and sub-conscious minds are what drive the body to act and behave. Mental health can be influenced by bad emotions, negative thoughts, stress, and much more which can easily affect the balance of the other two components. Taking time off to relax, think optimistically, and knowing what makes you happy and taking time out to do it has huge influence on improving good mental health.

Three Components Interact!

The three components interact and affect one another. For example, certain food or chemicals may cause mental disturbances. Tension in the neck may cause severe headache and depression. Stress may cause over-acidity in the stomach which may result in painful stomach that can cause the patient to bend forward and down to guard their abdomen. Or even fear causes a release in adrenaline which increases in skeletal muscle from a flight or fight response.

Through our holistic approach, we emphasize all three components in our examinations. The key is to find the primary factor that is giving you pain and then we can focus on balancing your Physical, Biochemical or Emotional health.