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Viruses are Smart & Sneaky

Health News

I thought that it might be helpful to understand a little more about how a Virus works.   A virus cannot survive for long (hours) outside another cell. It has no mechanism to keep it alive. A virus is a string of genetic code in a protein shell. The genetic code is either DNA or RNA. The protein coat or […]

A surprising recommendation

Health News

How a Medication Addiction Crisis has changed attitudesThe opioid crisis in the US has opened up a discussion about treatment options and the role of mood in the perception of pain.  How we treat the individual is a pivotal element of this conversation.  The Opioid addictive use is greatest in the regions most affected by […]

Do I need counselling?

Councelling can help you feel better Signs that therapy could be good for you(Adapted from an article written by Marcus Andrews) Do these statements sound familiar to you? “I don’t need counselling.” “It’s not that serious. I can handle it by myself.”  “I’m fine! It’s my partner who needs therapy.” Despite what we tend to say aloud, perhaps you’ve […]

Sulphate – the Deficiency your Dr doesn’t know about!

Sun plus Skin = SulphateSulphate is made in the skin and blood by the body from sulphide using the energy from the sun.  Skin based Nitric Oxide ( Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase, eNOS, performs the magic! Your skin is a solar powered battery!Sun and heart healthSunlight decreases heart disease??An interesting finding from 1996, is that increasing […]