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Why Keto?

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By guest blogger Helen Hatton (Hands On Superhealth) 6 years ago I lost a lot of weight via a high protein, low carb diet. 30kgs in fact. It was the first time I’d ever counted macros (carbs, protein, fat) NOT calories. And with great results. However, it was difficult to sustain the amount of protein […]

Allergic or Sensitive?

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Gluten Free There are many who find that moving to a gluten free pantry has a dynamic benefit on many aspects of their health and well-being. Gluten is a protein that gives bread its stretchy quality. Breads without gluten tend to be dense and crumbly. Potato starch will give to a gluten free bread some […]

Match the Current Energy

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The Energy is Intense and SwiftGuest Blog by Barbara CallanThe energy at the moment is both intense and swift-moving. We need to be stable in the middle of so much change. Rather than getting stuck in fear and worry, and being reactive to situations, find a way to let go and be present so that […]

Vegetarian Diet Profile

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Vegetarianism is Common Worldwide – Good or Bad?Vegetarianism is common in much of the world, especially India and Parkistan. This post is a follow on from this Blog: A central element of Hindu belief is the non-violence against all life forms. As a result, Hindu believers do not kill animals for food. Despite this, […]

What is your risk of death from COVID-19? — some relativity

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The data at 8:30 on Tuesday 30 June is that the death rate of confirmed cases is 0.049. This is the global total. I decided to look at the countries individually and there was a significant difference in the death rate. Paraguay in South America has a very low death rate of 0.0070. Australia is 0.013, […]

Winter Ready

Respiratory Health  – Ready for Winter The most common ailments during winter are upper respiratory infections. The clinical experience shows that there are a number of conditions that will pre-dispose you to catching a cold.  Fatigue is one of the most important factors that will make you more likely to “catch a cold”. The body is […]