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Match the Current Energy

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The Energy is Intense and SwiftGuest Blog by Barbara CallanThe energy at the moment is both intense and swift-moving. We need to be stable in the middle of so much change. Rather than getting stuck in fear and worry, and being reactive to situations, find a way to let go and be present so that […]

Vegetarian Diet Profile

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Vegetarianism is Common Worldwide – Good or Bad?Vegetarianism is common in much of the world, especially India and Parkistan. This post is a follow on from this Blog: A central element of Hindu belief is the non-violence against all life forms. As a result, Hindu believers do not kill animals for food. Despite this, […]

What is your risk of death from COVID-19? — some relativity

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The data at 8:30 on Tuesday 30 June is that the death rate of confirmed cases is 0.049. This is the global total. I decided to look at the countries individually and there was a significant difference in the death rate. Paraguay in South America has a very low death rate of 0.0070. Australia is 0.013, […]

Winter Ready

Respiratory Health  – Ready for Winter The most common ailments during winter are upper respiratory infections. The clinical experience shows that there are a number of conditions that will pre-dispose you to catching a cold.  Fatigue is one of the most important factors that will make you more likely to “catch a cold”. The body is […]

Viruses are Smart & Sneaky

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I thought that it might be helpful to understand a little more about how a Virus works.   A virus cannot survive for long (hours) outside another cell. It has no mechanism to keep it alive. A virus is a string of genetic code in a protein shell. The genetic code is either DNA or RNA. The protein coat or […]