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What is Scoliosis?

By Dr Paul Park Scoliosis is one of the major spinal disorders which affects normal spinal alignment, and it is the most common spinal disorder in children and adolescents. It is defined by having a lateral curvature of the spine more than 10 degrees, and in some cases, combined with rotation of the vertebrae. Scoliosis is […]


What is it?How does it happen?What is the first step to eliminating toxicity? Hi there, Dr. Brian here talking to you today about toxicity. In this article I’ll tell you in detail how toxicity affects your health. Toxicity is something you hear about a lot and has been discussed for a long time. In the […]

Winter Ready

Respiratory Health  – Ready for Winter The most common ailments during winter are upper respiratory infections. The clinical experience shows that there are a number of conditions that will pre-dispose you to catching a cold.  Fatigue is one of the most important factors that will make you more likely to “catch a cold”. The body is […]