Jane Birmingham

Known to friends and clients alike as “Jarnie”, I graduated from TAFE Katoomba in 2004 as Jane Birmingham, Diploma of Remedial Massage with distinction. A long career has followed during which I have dedicated myself to developing effective remedial massage techniques in order to better serve a growing number of loyal clients throughout the Blue Mountains and beyond.

Originally I came from a performance background, with a BA in Drama, Mime and Modern Dance from Flinders Uni in SA. The transition to remedial massage practice was natural for me, and I now benefit from all those years of personal and practical experience in bodywork and muscle maintenance.

I specialise in Myofascial Release massage, which is a gentle, yet dynamic way of manipulating soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and even ligaments). For well over a decade, I have honed this technique to successfully correct dysfunctional muscles by resetting the whole fascial system, thus giving clients better body awareness, comfort and range of motion.

Myofascial release does work to maximize the benefits of chiropractic treatments, energizing lazy muscles and relieving strained tendons. My massage can be even more effective when combined with regular yoga practice, swimming and pilates training.

Trigger point therapy is also a very important part of the “Jarnie” method. When I find painful “short circuits” inhibiting muscle contraction, I will use a controlled direct pressure to gently release them, allowing the muscles to normalize again.

For those with chronic pain and discomfort in back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, feet, hands (in fact any muscle or joint in the body) there is hope of recovery. You really can look forward to pain relief along with better comfort levels, strength and flexibility.

My massage techniques have helped many young women during pregnancy, making mums-to-be much more comfortable throughout. Postnatal treatment is also important for a smooth and trouble free return to normal activity.

As with chiropractic work, the effects of myofascial release massage reach well beyond the musculoskeletal system. Over time our capacity for self-healing increases quite naturally, bringing us to a better place physically, mentally and even spiritually.