Your Third Visit

Your Personalised Report

On your third visit your Hands On Superhealth practitioner will present you with the outcomes of their findings. This will include showing you what the x-rays revealed as well as going though the outcomes of all tests undertaken tying it back to the information provided in your initial health story forms and any symptoms or pain present. This is your opportunity to seek clarification of anything that is not clear. It is very important at Hands On Superhealth that you are fully aware of the treatment prescribed, the reasons and also be involved in any decisions going forward.

Your will be presented with your treatment plan and the costs. Hands On Superhealth offers plans for all clients as a means of ensuring you are able to achieve the results you want without worrying about costs and payment at each appointment.

What happens next? 

Once these initial processes are complete you will commence your program of whole body adjustments. This will be commenced by a review of the Hands On approach for your health issue and a complimentary adjustment and demonstration for you to fully understand the program of adjustments prescribed. 

[quote style=”2″] Chiropractic — it shouldn’t be your last resort!” — Lorna Hull & Dr. John Johnson, Overland Park, KS[/quote]

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