better children

Keeping an eye on your kids’ growth progress.

Parents and teachers are in a great position to observe how children are growing.

The nervous system runs the body and, when it is working well, fine and gross motor skills will be within range for the age group of the child.

You do not need an expert eye to notice things about a child.


As you wrap them in a big towel after the bath or shower, look from behind to see if:

  • Head level
  • Shoulders level
  • Hips level
  • When they bend forward is their rib cage even and balanced?


  • When running are they heavy on their feet – sounding like elephants running down the hall?
  • Do they hold a pen/pencil with a relaxed grip?
  • Are they “clumsy”?
  • Can they sit still for a reasonable amount of time?
  • Do they move smoothly – running without tripping?



  • Can they pay attention when requested?
  • Numbers and words: how are they doing in class?
  • Do they prefer to draw rather than read?


  • Allergies – food or environment
  • Growth within range
  • Sleeping well
  • Eating well, good digestion

If you feel that you know children that are not performing at their best, then the experts in optimal child growth and development at Hands on Superhealth would love to do an assessment that will inform you about your children.


Written by Dr Brian Callan, Chiropractor, Hands On Superhealth July 2012

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